Moskowitz Foundation “He Who Has Saved One Life,
It Is As If He Has Saved The World”
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LARGER THAN LIFE: Through the support and generosity of the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation, Larger Than Life since its inception in 2000 have saved lives, and continue to improve the quality of life for many children and providing children and their families with the support systems, so that children receive the care they need.

This year The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation is proud to donate $100,000.00 towards building a second sterile preschool for children who are undergoing chemotherapy in Beer Sheva and the Negev in Israel.

Head Start: A publicly funded institution. The Moskowitz Foundation provides funding to the local Head Start Program, giving assistance for children, including after school sports and recreational activities as well as field trips and literacy resources. All of the Head Start graduates get a back pack with five books, a dictionary and other school supplies when they start kindergarten. The Moskowitz Foundation has also made possible exciting and enriching field trips such as those made to Adventure City, Bowling and a Petting Zoo.

Head Start offers the pre-school child: well-equipped classes, nutritionally balanced meals and snacks, individualized educational plan, health screenings, bilingual education, special services for the handicapped and three sessions - AM, PM and Full Day. The institution is dedicated to helping children develop school readiness, to succeed in elementary school and beyond.

head start head start head start
Some of the Head Start students who benefit from the charity of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation.

Girls' Town/Or Chadash: The Moskowitz Foundation is a contributor to this 40-acre campus located in northern Israel, which serves as both home and school for 600 children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Israel: Some of the students who benefit from the
charity of the Irving Moskowitz Foundation.

Larger Than Life: The Moskowitz Foundation has made grants in the past two years for "impossible dream" trips to Florida from Israel for the cancer- stricken teens of the "larger Than Life" Center of Children and Youth. "Larger than Life' is a humanitarian volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to help alleviate the physical and mental stress of hundreds of children suffering from chronic cancer conditions.

Thus far, over 1000 children with cancer have participated in various, special fun events. This year's trip, which the Moskowitz Foundation supported, included a two-week trip to Florida including Orlando's theme parks and five fun-filled days in Miami.

"My wife and I feel very strongly of the need to help these children, who are having such a difficult time. We hoped to give them some cheerful times so they can take back wonderful memories with them." Dr. Irving Moskowitz, The Irving Moskowitz Foundation

larger than life
Larger than Life Program participants under a banner which reads:
Dearest Dr. Moskowitz,
Thank you for the trip of our dreams to Orlando
From the Larger than Life Children.

Easter Egg Hunt: The Irving Moskowitz Foundation is the primary sponsor of The City of Hawaiian Gardens Easter Egg Hunt, held annually. Regular activities include pony rides, face painting, puppet shows and booth games.

easter egg hunt easter egg hunt
Children of Hawaiian Gardens, California enjoying the local Easter Egg Hunt 2002,
sponsored by the Irving Moskowitz Foundation.

Melbourne Elementary School: The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation made a donation assisting the school in sending as many students as possible to the Sixth-Grade outdoor Science Camp where the students were able to experience and learn environmental standards.

melbourne elementary school
"I had a great time at camp, I got to see different types of animals like: a mountain lion, an owl, a snake, and I learned about rocks, soil and living things"

"I thank you for donating money to our school so we could go to camp. I learned that camp fires could be quite fun at night"

"Thank you for giving us money for camp. If it wasn't for you, many kids would've stayed in school while other kids had fun"

Casa de los Angelitos: A non-profit, non-denominational emergency shelter which provides a safe haven for women facing crisis pregnancies. Women coming to the shelter have no other place to turn that will care for them and their unborn children. Many of these women are victims of violence, homeless, and pregnant. The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation helps to provide housing and food costs for these pregnant women, and their subsequent infants, who have no other means of financial support.

casa de los angelitos

JAFCO (Jewish Adoption & Foster Care Options): JAFCO is a non-profit, non-sectarian child welfare agency that assesses the needs of families with children that have developmental disabilities. JAFCO recently orchestrated a program to construct a Developmental Disabilities Residential Facility that will provide a home for these children when needed. This facility will also help support the families of these children with developmental disabilities. The Moskowitz Foundation gave a generous donation of two-hundred thousand dollars to help in the construction of this special facility.

In 2006, JAFCO honored the Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation with a beautiful tree sculpture award with the inscriptions: "To the Moskowitz Foundation for planting the seeds that will change the world for children in the community with Development Disabilities."

the smile trainThe Smile Train: The Smile Train is a non-profit organization that provides free surgery to children around the world who are born with cleft lips and cleft palates who cannot afford to have them repaired. The Irving I. Moskowitz Foundation has partnered with other hospitals and participating cleft surgeons in 71 of the world's poorest countries to help with this needy cause.

the smile train
jubilee orphanage

Jubilee Orphanage: A publicly funded institution. The Moskowitz Foundation is a contributor to this 16-acre campus located in Sao Paolo, Brazil which serves as both home and school for street children and those abandoned or orphaned quality educations as well as much needed medical attention and dental care since 2007.

jubilee orphanage jubilee orphanage